Saturday, January 12, 2013

I Got A Boy by SNSD - K-pop review

In case you were living in a cave, SNSD's new single "I Got A Boy" was released on 1st Jan 2013! :) Has been really long since their last comeback in Oct 2011! So I was pretty excited about it since I saw all the teasers and stuff.

To be honest, I was really confused and did not ship the song when I first heard it.

Cox I had no idea what it was talking about, there were 3 different completely tunes in the song, I don't get the meaning of the boy inside the video, I DON'T GET ANYTHING.

And then I had to watch it at least 5 times to get the song. But I still don't get the meaning of the song.

But who cares anyway I don't really get the meaning of 90% of k-pop songs, because it is supposed to be like that. You know, don't expect a meaningful song with sentimental lyrics in the k-pop world.. Nah not gonna happen. Only minority of the songs are actually meaningful.

Found the meaning of the song online:

The song is themed about a girl who has a boyfriend:
The intro : the girl glams herself up for the boy and her friends are talking about it.
The first part: 3rd person reaction to the boy asking the girl out
The second part: The girl on the date.
The thrid (cutesy part): The girl telling her friends about him.
The fourth part: The girl is angry because the boy did something she didn't like
The fifth part ( Jessica's bridge ): She forgives gives him and wants him to stay with her forever.

WHAT? Still don't get it but it'd okay ^_^

I love SNSD's costumes and they look so funky and to the tomboy-ish side. Kind of reminds me of f(x), the rock/punk style.

They look at a phone. A boy just texted them

So there's this rap by Sooyoung and Yuri. "AYO GG"

I thought it was kind of redundant, but fine it's still cute. They are acting very badass and stuff lol.

And then they put on their caps and Tiffany the gangsta comes up saying

And there's this awkward "AWHHHH" -_- Sounds like the sound you give when you finish pooping WTF. Ignore me.

Why do they have to wear contacts?! I think their natural eye colour is perfect! Why do you need lenses? Sorry I just don't like them wearing lenses it makes them look weird. It made f(x) weird too.

THIS body *-* 

As an honest sone for 2 years I must say that the lenses look totally unnatural on them SORRY NOT SORRY, And you know what, I absolutely can't stand seohyun wearing eye enlarging lenses which makes her look like some big eyed person .__.

My favourite dance move:

The dubstep-ish part :)

Now I'm gonna talk about their hair. Sunny and Hyoyeon caught my attention the most:

First thing when I saw Sunny's hair : TOP. I always refer TOP to the "green-haired-guy" since I can't differentiate the guys in any guy group LOL, so I immediately thought of that.

Is it just me or Sunny's hair always reminds me of someone -_- Her purple hair reminds me of xiaxue, a singaporean blogger (;

Hyoyeon's hair looks like a paddlepop posicle. LOVE. I WANT HAIR LIKE THAT.

And I must say, their teaser pictures are REALLY GOOD. All of them look really gorgeous. I also like their new concept of a wild style, something that is different from their previous comebacks! Their outfits are okay too but I don't think a normal people could pull it off - outrageous prints, crop tops, sexy outfits.

Anyway, I still super love this new song although it's a little flawed. I must say that they look is pretty and perfect as ever! Their bodies are omg *_*

My rate: 1000000000/10 (Yes this is coming from a SONE so please understand.)

Fine, my unbiased rate: 8.5/10! <3

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